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N Analytics is a software and technology services company. Founded in 2019, it is headquartered in Kağıthane / Istanbul - Turkey and operates globally. Its team of more than 10 specialists provides cloud-based implementation services, Data platform development and integration, data services and machine learning, and mobile and web application development. N Analytic's clients include 10+ companies and other global customers from the financial, tourism,e-commerce industries.

Big Data & AI

The tourism and e-commerce services industry has become one of the biggest consumers and producers of data. Big data in tourism and e-commerce is growing astronomically big as the companies rush to collect more insights about their users to drive product development. Predictive analytics in tourism and e-commerce services, paired with artificial intelligence (AI) are at the verge of going mainstream, helping companies make decisions faster and be confident about the outcomes. AI and automated support bring more value to users by giving them virtual help at their preferred touchpoints on the go. N Analytics empowers our clients’ competitiveness by offering an array of big data analytics and AI solutions for tourism and e-commerce services providers.

Data Lake

Data Lake services provides a robust solution to help you ingest and transform data from a variety of sources in a scalable way. It enables you to ingest a large number of data sources into a data lake while ensuring data lineage and provenance, thus reducing time spent wrangling.

Our Data Lake services also allows you to utilize non-proprietary software for data ingestion, preparation, and discovery.

Big Data Ingestion and Governance

Single, Flexible, Adaptive Bi-Directional Real-Time System
  • » Integrated data-source agnostic collection from dynamic, disparate and distributed sources
  • » Adaptive to fluctuating conditions of remote, distributed data sources over geographically disperse communication links in varying bandwidth and latency environments
  • » Dynamic, real-time data prioritization at the edge to send, drop or locally store data
  • » Bi-Directional movement of data, commands and contextual data
  • » Equally well designed to run on the small scale data sources that make up the Internet of Things as well as on large scale clusters in today's enterprise data centers
  • » Visual chain of custody for data (provenance) provides real-time event-level data lineage for verification and trust of data from the Internet of Things
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n'analytics Tools

n'STREAM - Growth Management Platform

Growth Management Platform

n'stream gives you detailed, real-time insight into how people interact with products. With data at your fingertips, you can iterate continuously, focus on the most impactful features, and innovate faster. Understand your users' behaviors better.

n'TAG - Tag Manager Container

N'Analytics NTag Management™

Building a vendor-neutral and future-proof data foundation has never been more important. With N Analytics NTag Management you can:

» Command and control your data with robust privacy capabilities

» Enable your company to build privacy-by-design data management programs to process customer data transparently and in accordance with new regulation and industry best practices

» Manage and inject data definitions to your website without code.

» Serve tags faster than any other tag management solution

n'SPIDER - Competitive analysis for Hotels

Competitive analysis for Hotels

It allows you to easily list your hotel’s price and strengths, in relation to those of your competitors. This will help you to sharpen your positioning by taking into account the facts surrounding the current market situations. Nspider provides those analyses with few clicks.

It might even lead to the discovery of new, untapped business opportunities!

n'RECO - Recommendation Systems

Recommendation Systems

In a very general way, recommender systems are algorithms aimed at suggesting relevant items to users (items being movies to watch, text to read, products to buy, or anything else depending on


» We've created a machine learning tool that's marketer-friendly and data scientist powerful. With N Analytics N Reco you can:

» Create better marketing and experiences by anticipating customer behavior

» Use predictions to target only the sweet spot of customers to drive improved performance reduced costs and operational efficiency

» Configure your model based on your own goals then use the scores to drive action all in the same platform